First day back in Jan and its all Go Go Go

Being a sprinter and not a long distance runner means I like to do things when they need to be done in small but intense efforts. That means goal setting and budgeting which should have been done by the end of Dec is kind of running into week 1 of Jan!

I have some goals this year around staying healthy, keeping up with my fitness programme and having my best work year ever. I felt strong in the gym this morning and everyone who was supposed to turned up for work, the year is going well so far.

To keep my focus (entrepreneur so this can be hard) I have invested in 3 programmes. One pure goal setting, one for getting your year cranking and one diet based.

This year’s theme is the best getting better, because I don’t mind saying I’m doing well already, but I want more (I told you I was an entrepreneur!)

The goal setting programme is called ‘Living your best year ever.’ I have set written personal goals since I was 18 but felt I needed something with a bit more structure this year. It was recommended by a friend, and to be honest, I should be doing it now but felt the urge to write.

Get your year into gear is run by my mate Chris Barrow who was my first business coach way back when. He knows me and can cut through my bullshit. Sometimes you need to go back to your roots!

My diet based programme is called Whole30, a 30 day Paleo diet plan. For those of you who know me, I have been eating Paleo for nearly 5 months now. It’s basically Meat, Fish, Veg. I am combining that with low carb as well. This has led to nearly 4 stone of weight loss and a massive reduction in body fat. This I am going to continue for ever – but just wanted something to keep me focussed.

On top of this I have a personal trainer (the freaking amazing Chad from Easyfit, along with a whole team of them at the gym… Mike, Scott & Adam!), a non exec director and a business coach. I am the most supported person in the world. I guess that’s just how I roll and how I get results.

I’ll keep you posted!

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